Uber Ban In These Popular Tourist Places Means You Cannot ‘Uber It’ To Your Destination

Uber Ban In These Popular Tourist Places Means You Cannot ‘Uber It’ To Your Destination

‘Let’s Uber it’ has become one of the most common phrases in modern times. Ever since the time the cab aggregator app has come into existence, it has rapidly expanded into multiple markets across the globe. In India too Uber is extremely popular. However, recent times have seen multiple controversies around Uber owing to lack of driver regulation norms, security issues, and many other legal hassles. There have been many legal notices slapped on Uber and the less than acceptable behaviour of the founder and CEO Travis Kalanick has led to the company landing in multiple soups in modern times. But that’s not all. Did you know that there are countries and many cities around the globe where Uber is banned altogether!

While these places do have alternatives, Uber that is synonymous with easy accessibility to cabs cannot operate here. There are multiple reasons for the ban but the most popular bans are across the UK and Europe. While Asia, America, Australia too have region-specific bans, they aren’t as wide and as popular as in some of these European countries. However, while you might not be able to ‘Uber it’, you do have local alternatives. Just like India has Ola! Or else, you could simply go the traditional way and book a regular cab or take the tram or the bus or some other mode of public transport the region has! London ban on Uber was recently overruled but came with a long list of terms and conditions if the aggregator wishes to continue operating.

Check out these extremely popular tourist destinations where Uber has been banned:


Turkey is one of the most popular and most recent destinations to have banned Uber. The entire country has banned Uber. However, luckily, you won’t really miss out on anything as Turkey has a very robust public transport system in place.


One of the first places to ban Uber, Bulgaria has been Uber-free since 2015. However, there are multiple local alternatives that are available to tourists and travellers, ensuring that there is no difficulty in finding a ride to the most popular destinations.


Another tourist hub, Uber was not banned but had to withdraw as the company could not keep up with the norms implemented for cab drivers. However, while it has been out of the country, Uber has been trying hard to make a comeback and is open to making changes in order to penetrate the marker once again.


Another European tourist hotspot, Hungary too has shut its doors to Uber. However, there are local taxis and local cab aggregator platforms available for travellers so they do not face difficulties in getting around.

France, Germany, Italy

Uber faces a partical ban in the region where UberPop (which is the cheapest Uber option internationally) has been restricted. Other services are available.

Additionally, Uber is also banned in specific regions in USA (Oregon, Texas, Alaska), Australia (Northern Territory), Hong Kong (in certain regions), Canada (Vancouver), and some more.

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