7 Hollywood Travel Movies For Every Type Of Explorer

7 Hollywood Travel Movies For Every Type Of Explorer

Travel has inspired many to document not only their journeys but also journeys of their friends or their relatives. And when it comes to the arts and travel, there is no better way to showcase a place than through a book or a movie. Reading a book on new places or even watching a place you haven’t visited instantly inspires wanderlust and makes you wish you were there at that moment. It makes you want to pack your bags and explore the region. If you’re like me, chained to the office desk, with no travel plans on the horizon, these movies prove to be one of the best outlets for that travel desire.

Apart from showing you a place up, close, and personal, travel movies also teach you loads about the region in terms of the culture, the food, the lifestyle, the way of the locals, and much more. They can also help you plan an itinerary and also show you what are the activities you can do in a particular place. And while there are millions of travel movies out there, once a while you come across one that stays with you for a long, long time. Here’s taking a look at some of the best travel moves that are suited for every type of traveller. It’ll make you want to pack your bags and run away into the unknown. Seriously!

Secret Life of Walter Mitty – The Scared Traveller

This movie is perfect if you’re a type of traveller that is shy and unsure. The secret life of Walter Mitty will infuse you with confidence and instill that “I can” attitude. Also, the beautiful landscapes captured in the movie are a sight to sore eyes. If nothing else, watch this pne just to treat yourself to some rugged goodness.

Wild – The Self Explorer

If you’re someone who loves to explore places by yourself but sometimes think that the world is dragging you down, this is the perfect movie to let go. The movie teaches you independence, trust, and inspires you to see the world – but your way, and on your own terms and conditions.

Eat Pray Love – The Cultural Explorer

If you are someone who believes in soaking up the culture of a place more than just visiting the touristic spots and getting done with it, then this movie based on a book of the same name is perfect for you. A slow and exquisite journey spanning multiple countries, it’ll show you how a journey can take your life.

The Holiday – The One Who Wants To Get Away

It’s not a typical travel movie. But if you are looking for an escape or something like a ‘staycation’ then this movie is perfect for you. The Holiday is also the ideal movie for the romantic traveller, who believes in love can arrive anytime and who loves to spend a long time abroad, exploring the place thoroughly, mingling with the locals and basically living a new life.

Into The Wild – The Self Challenger

The movie is a biographical survival movie that will inspire you and make you feel stronger. It is a coming of age movie and if you’re someone who’s caught up in the recent travel trend of wanting to give away all your worldly possessions and simply taking to the road, definitely watch this movie once before you set out.

Under The Tuscan Sun – For The Pure Love of Travel

If you’re someone who has ardently believed in the comic meme of taking on a new life, a new identity and surfacing in a new land, this movie might resonate with you. It is a great movie for those looking to get a glimpse into the glorious Tuscan life!

The Bucket List – It’s Never Too Late

It’s never too late to complete your dream and to put a tick against the things completed on your bucket list. The movie teaches you to live life to the fullest and no matter what your situation be, continue on and pursue your dreams.

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