Artificial Shooting Star Show On Demand Coming To You By 2020

Artificial Shooting Star Show On Demand Coming To You By 2020

Imagine going for a nice long walk in the evening, staring up at the sky and wishing for a shooting star – and actually being able to conjure up one! Sounds like a far fetched dream but if technology has its way, this might soon turn into a reality. A Japanese firm is all set to turn every dreamer’s wish into a reality by giving them shooting stars on demand! And no, this isn’t a joke but an actual, feasible tech that might arrive to the privileged as early as 2020. The Japanese firmĀ ALE Co. is all set to begin working on this technology. It might be available in the next couple of years for mass usage, if everything goes right. And as with all forms of new technology, this will come at a price. Obviously.

So how does the tech work? The company will launch two satellites into the atmosphere that will carry about 400 tiny spheres that come filled with chemicals that will glow and look similar to a meteor shower as they are ejected. Around 20-30 of these balls will be released at one go so it creates a spectacular effect. The balls can be reused multiple times though how they will be returned to the satellite once they are ejected is a mystery. Also, as the satellites will orbit the planet, it will be possible to have the stars on demand at any location. While one will have to pay to view these, for millions viewing at the same time, they can enjoy the sight for free as the view of the sky can definitely not be restricted to the payer only!

The company is also toying with experimenting with colours and different intensity for the glow. How will the balls be released into the atmosphere, how will the person request it on demand? Will it come with a special remote? Or will it come in the form of an app? Also, what will be the charges of this advanced technology? What do you think? Cool or meh? Won’t it take away the wow from a rare natural occurrence? Let’s wait and watch how many wishes these artificial shooting stars fulfill!

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