7 Bollywood Travel Movies That’ll Make You Want To Pack Your Bags And Escape

7 Bollywood Travel Movies That’ll Make You Want To Pack Your Bags And Escape

Believe it or not but Bollywood movies are not all about frolicking around trees, tons of romance, and fighting villains. Since the beginning, there have been loads of Bollywood movies that have given globe explorers major travel goals. Most of the movies that are shot abroad capture the locations brilliantly, making the region quite famous. Whatever the story-line might be, there’s one thing for sure – you cannot discount the cinematography we have. After each of these movies, Indians love to throng to the place and it becomes quite the hotspot. Be it European destinations or in more recent times, the lesser-explored or lesser-heard of regions. There definitely are loads of options out there. Let’s take a look at some famous movies that if nothing else, gave us major #travelgoals!

Dilwale Dulhania Le Jaayenge

Forget Shahrukh and Kajol’s chemistry, forget babuji’s iconic dialogues, forget Raj and Simran ka pyaar – the one thing DDLJ did for almost every Indian growing up at that age is set the dream for the Eurail tour. Every young Simran wanted to explore the romance of the Swiss alps, get lost on the way and be rescued by the perfect Raj – find their love story and live happily ever after. This one movie is perhaps single-handedly responsible for boosting Switzerland Tourism in India. The lure of the place is strong even today. Let’s be honest – as any Indian and Swiss is most likely to top the charts. DDLJ, you gave us this.


Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

One of the more recent movies, ZNMD was all about travel. What DDLJ is to Switzerland, ZNMD is to Spain. The coming of age movie (not really but let’s call it that for a lot of little pampered Indian men) traced the journey of 3 grown-ass Indian men tracing their journey while they do what we tend to do best – escape. From the rugged landscapes to the beaches to the adventure sports – the movie had everything for every type of travel lover. The one movie every traveller keeps going back to just for the locations if nothing else.

Dil Dhadakne Do

Honestly , I don’t really remember much about this movie but I do remember the exotic locations it gave us! Be it the amphitheaters, or the hammams, each of the places stayed with me long after the movie ended. It also brought to life the cruise life, again something that a movie did not explore for sometime – or perhaps nothing spectacular enough for me to remember. But yes, despite the botched ending and multiple cringe-worthy moments, the locations are what make me return to the movie, time and again.

Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

Bunny, aka, Ranbir Kapoor, you are lifestyle and dream career goals! Yes, you are! India as well as some exotic locations, YJHD captured them beautifully. From the mountains in the North to the lavishness of Rajasthan, this movie had it all. Also, the shot introducing Ranbir after the break – where he has his dream career and is loving it – well, everyone in the audience loved it too! If not the dream for travel, this movie definitely unleashed the love for travel photography among youngsters!


You, Rani, you. You showed every Indian girl that “solo” travel is a thing. That a “girl” can travel all by herself and return in one piece. That you can make friends with ‘firang‘ boys (OMG), eat and explore all on your own, and just be happy. The situations in Queen instilled a sense of confidence among many young girls still dreaming of the perfect trip. It is a wholesome movie that gives you everything – the plot, the music, the cinematography, and most importantly –  the sights.


Again a movie that did not achieve commercial success but was definitely perfect for travel dreams. Corsica, the yet unmentioned and unexplored destination was perfect for all looking for a “new” destination. Among all the overdone destinations, Corsica shone out and was also captured amazingly. The colours, the sights, the breezy life – it was simply perfect! A movie to go back to only and only for the locations.


The rural life and the highs of the US – this movie gave both. It showed the true colours of the Indian village and seriously, made me nostalgic about those good old “grandma’s place summer vacations”. A rural India that evokes nostalgia of the highest level – that is Swades and typically not classified as a travel movie or not famous even for its portrayal of rural life, this movie is the odd one on the list but one that a traveller simply cannot ignore. It’s all about finding your home – a feeling every traveller knows.




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