IRCTC Lets You Check LIVE Train Status Update, Booking Status Directly Over WhatsApp

IRCTC Lets You Check LIVE Train Status Update, Booking Status Directly Over WhatsApp

Indian Railways is on a roll and is making a lot of changes to its site, revamping the experience for customers. One of the best moves made by IRCTC is allowing passengers to check the status of the train and booking status directly over WhatsApp. Indian Railways has tied up with MakeMyTrip for the service. There are two options you have for checking over WhatsApp: One is the LIVE status of your train and where it is and the second is the booking status through your PNR. The complete list of features IRCTC provides through MakeMyTrip is: train running status, departed from, emerging station, expected arrival time soon. The number you can use to check the details is – +91 7349389104.

How do you go about the same? Check out the steps below:

Download Latest WhatsApp Version

It is essential that you have the latest WhatsApp version as the feature will not work otherwise. To download the latest version, simply go to Google Play on your phone and update the app. If the version is the latest one, you needn’t bother, it’ll work for you.

Save +91 7349389104 In Your Contacts

You’ll first need to save the above mentioned number in your contact list. WhatsApp does not allow messaging unknown numbers so unless you save it, it won’t show in your WhatsApp contacts list. Then open WhatsApp chat and type in the query.

Enter Train Number/PNR

Simply enter the train number or the PNR number you wish to check the status for and send it. You should receive a detailed reply in moments. There, all information at the tap of a button!

Previously, IRCTC started the feedback call service where after a journey, the Railways would call the passenger from 139 and ask for feedback. They also allowed the passenger to call the same number for train details. With the new WhatsApp service, the hassles of finding where your train is exactly and reaching the platform on time will be halved! A great initiative IRCTC!

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