9 Indian Destinations Perfect For The Upcoming Long Weekend

9 Indian Destinations Perfect For The Upcoming Long Weekend

August 15 or Independence Day for many represents freedom from the boredom of office and escaping somewhere. This year, August 15 falls bang in the middle of the week, which means that you can escape for a slightly longer getaway with just 2 days of leave. If your travel plans around this time are still not finalised and you’re wondering whether you’re too late to make plans, then no, you’re not. You can still land a good deal although the prices will not be as cheap as you might expect. Or perhaps, if not the August 15 weekend, you do have a lot of other holidays in the upcoming festival season which you can make the most of. So, if you’re planning a 4-5 day getaway around this time, here are your best options!


The French town of India, Pondicherry has a lot on offer apart from the French architecture and a dash of colour. There’s the Matri Mandir for the spiritual, the long stretch of beaches for the vagabond, and amazing sights like hills and lakes for the explorer. Whatever you wish for, Pondicherry has it. And the best part is, you can easily explore it in just a few days. Except the summers, any season is ideal for this bright destination.


This lovely destination is famous for its sprawling tea plantations and greenery. If you love nature and wish to unwind in the luxury of lots and lots of romance then this is where you should head. Unlike common perception, Munnar by itself has a lot to offer too and you will definitely not be bored by it. Add to it the experience of the Neelakurinji flower all set to bloom this year and you have a perfect deal!


Another Southern destination perfect for every season – be it summers, winters, or rains. If Munnar is the heart of the tea lovers, Coorg is where coffee addicts can find their Nirvana. From treks to sanctuaries to gazillion waterfalls, this destination has everything to woo tourists. Additionally, it has great budget options for the cost conscious too!


One of the most underrated destinations, Bhopal is amazing has it has a variety of sights to see for the traveller. From the world renowned Sanchi stupas to the Bhimbetka caves, the national park, the lakes… there’s a wide variety available. Oh and the food? There’s an awesome variety! Bhopal is a great option for every traveller wishing to escape to a slightly unique and a different location!


This is one of the most popular destinations in India. More famous for its grandeur and a glimpse into the folk culture, Jaipur represents everything lavish and larger than life. From palaces to exotic food to shopping, this is a Mecca for both – Indians as well as foreign tourists. Jaipur is accessible easily from all parts of India and with good local transport, makes for an amazing getaway for a few days.


Another destination fit for the royals, Udaipur is also known for its palaces and lakes. Even the architecture of the smallest of homes showcases the beauty of the region. Udaipur is famous for destination weddings in India and since it is steeped in culture, it also makes an apt destination to visit and explore during the festive season.


The party destination of India! There’s no such thing as a wrong time to visit Goa. Summer, Winter, or Rain, this small state is perfect for every weather and for all types of travellers. The beaches, the sun, the sand – not just Indians but foreigners love Goa too! Also, if you’re someone who loves to explore newer things, a whole lot of Goa remains unexplored. Skip the beaches and head to the interiors!


Hampi is a cluster of UNESCO World Heritage sites that lie to the South of the country. It’s a great place to visit solo or for couples. Ideal for the explorers and those interested in history. You can go bouldering or simply explore the temples in the day and curl up under the crystal clear skies reflecting a million stars at night… The place to be if your heart desires something novel.

Spiti or Leh

Leh is turning into one of the most popular destinations for Indians. This is the perfect time to be there. If you can plan a trip around Independence Day, nothing like it as you might get to witness the special army program in the region. Also, this is the peak season for tourism in the region which means there’s a lot on offer for you!

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