Asian Green Review – Heavy On Taste, Light On Pocket

Asian Green Review – Heavy On Taste, Light On Pocket

Asian Green is the latest Chinese joint to welcome patrons with open doors around Dadar, Mumbai. A new Chinese restaurant in town isn’t exactly anything noteworthy if you think of it. Each side you see multiple restaurants offering everything from a momo to a schezuan sizzler. Desi Chinese has taken over the humble Punjabi cuisine completely. But despite the plethora of options, if there’s a restaurant that makes its mark by offering you great quality at an extremely reasonable price then it definitely deserves a mention. And Asian Green is one such gem I recently discovered. The newbie on the block offers some great delicacies of the Desi Chinese variety – something every Mumbaikar craves for. Though new, there’s a lot the restaurant gets right. But more details in the review below:


Asian Green is located bang in the centre of the most popular hotspots – Shivaji Park. It’s walkable from Dadar station as well Matunga (western) station but if you’re the lazy sorts, there’s the option of the kaali peeli too. While technically in Mahim, for all intents and purposes, the restaurant is in Dadar. Location wise, it is a great place to be – right in the heart of the city.


The restaurant is small. The entrance is a lovely narrow opening. You might miss it but for the quirky circular welcome board with the name of the restaurant. The seating space is limited to about 10 tables, each of which can fit 4. Despite the smaller space, the seating isn’t cramped and there’s enough of space to walk around.

Coming to the look and the feel of the restaurant… The one thing that makes this Chinese joint stand apart is the decor. It does away with the traditional Chinese elements like bright colours and dragons and instead sticks to simple and basic look. The tables and the walls complement each other perfectly. Also, the lighting is provided by lamps which have been quirkily made the centerpieces of an old tyre. It gives the restaurant a very rustic yet modern classy appeal. Soft yellow lights add to the charm. The overall feel is subtle and interesting.


The most important aspect of any restaurant! Even if everything else is perfect, unless the food is good, the restaurant falls flat. Don’t go by the name – the restaurant is a veg non-veg one and has lots on offer. The menu is pretty wide and considering there’s just one cuisine available, there’s enough of variety to keep up the interest.

The most expensive item on the menu (involved prawns) was Rs 280, which even on a month end will not make you feel the pinch. Since we were a group of 4, we decided to go for one veg starter, one non-veg starter, one veg main course and one non-veg main course. Taking the owner’s suggestion into consideration, we opted for a Veg. Red Pepper Cottage Cheese and Burnt Garlic Chicken. Being a vegetarian I did not taste the chicken but my friends were satisfied. Coming to the paneer, the sauce was perfect – not too spicy or too mild. The paneer was fresh and soft.

For the main course we ordered veg as well as chicken noodles. The noodles were well cooked and came with a whole lot of veggies. If you do not like your greens, make sure you specify that so the order can be tweaked accordingly. Also, the noodles were not sticky or too oily.

We asked for some fried noodles which were offered complimentary. They too were fresh and did not smell rancid or despite the humidity, did not go soggy. We skipped the gravy as we were informed that the noodles are full-tasting and it was a wise choice. The portions are more than satisfactory for the price and one bowl can easily serve 2.

They do have some desserts on the menu too though we were so full that we simply could not eat another bite!


The service is very fast and we did not have to wait long for the order. Also, the servers remembered our special instructions and the order was perfect.

Overall Rating

The overall experience was great and we would definitely head here again. It is a great option for college kiddos looking for a quick but tasty bite or looking to bring their partners for a date. It is also perfect for families. We were informed that they keep having offers. When we visited, we could avail a 10 percent discount by showing our corporate IDs.

Overall, the restaurant deserves a 4/5!

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