Venice Bans Most Boats In Canals, Tourists Left In Quandry

Venice Bans Most Boats In Canals, Tourists Left In Quandry

A moonlight Gondola ride in the canals of Venice still tops the bucket list of many travellers. The historic city’s canal systems have enamoured tourists since decades and in recent times, the number of visitors in the region has peaked. The city has slowly been taking measures to do away with the over-clogging and the congestion in the famed canals. In one of the most recent rules and measures announced, the authorities have banned all forms of newer boat forms from the main canal of Venice – the Grand Canal. While traditionally, there were only Gondolas or the more traditional boat forms, modern times have witnessed an increase in receational water vehicles like Kayaks, Canoes, Ferrys, and more. The authorities are now taking a strong step to restrict the increasing number of these vehicles on the canal.

The ban doesn’t apply to everyone and those who are citizens of Venice or own business are exempt. Also, while the ban has been implemented across all canals of the city, the execution pattern will vary. In the smaller canals, the recreational boats are only banned during the peak hours while the rest of the time, they can be used. Inflatable boats are completely banned – irrespective of who they are owned by. The traditional Gondola rides can still be taken as usual. For tourists wishing to get around the city, they will have to rely on the more modern public transport systems which the city does abound in.

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