Saputara Monsoon Festival 2018 To Kick Off Soon, Welcome Tourists With Adventure And Cultural Activities

Saputara Monsoon Festival 2018 To Kick Off Soon, Welcome Tourists With Adventure And Cultural Activities

Saputara, which is a famous hill station in Gujarat will soon open its doors to tourists for the monsoon season with the Saputara Monsoon Festival 2018. Though the festival is kick-starting late this year, it comes with all the fun and promises a whole lot of entertainment for the visitors. As Saputara is the only hill-station of Gujarat, it is a popular destination not only among the locals but tons of tourists from even neighbouring states visit the hill station to enjoy the greenery and the peace. The Saputara Monsoon Festival 2018 will continue till September 10, 2018. The highlight of the festival are the activities organised around the Saputara Lake in the region.

There are a host of cultural activities planned around the festival. The schedule for the entire day during the festival has already been set and visitors can pick any activity of their choice to participate in. Keeping in mind the varied mix of people visiting the region, there are a wide variety of activities that have been organised right from those for the adults to those for children. There are also certain cultural programs to help the people understand the varied life of the locals and the tribals of Gujarat.

Gujarat Tourism has been actively promoting the region and each season, there’s something new. Right from the Rann Utsav, which arguably remains one of the most popular cultural festivals of India to the Gir Safari, the Tourism Board is leaving no stone unturned to ensure that the state remains on top of the list for tourists. The new Saputara Monsoon Festival might be small but through the initiative the government has tapped the one segment which receives lesser tourist footfall in the region – the monsoon season. Here are some of the things that can be done and the top activities for visitors visiting the festival:


There are some special routes which have been created for hikers and adventure enthusiasts. These are guided expeditions which the adventure lovers can undertake with prior registration. The night treks help are carried out regularly with the visitors and the treks are not too arduous. The monsoons make it the perfect weather to explore some of the trails.

Cultural Activities

The evenings will witness a host of activities lined up for tourists. From tribal dances in the region to magic shows, cartoon characters, fun and games, etc. There are also live artists and musical orchestra organised. Each day will witness a new activity so there is variety maintained and the visitors do not get bored or there is no monotony. The day will also see people dressed up as characters to entertain children.

Adventure Sports

Apart from treks, there have been other sports like Zipline, Zorbing, Paragliding, Boating, Segway, and many more rides planned and organised. The activities are kept for all visitors and the wide variety ensures that the entire day has been planned and taken care of, starting right from the morning to late in the evening.

If you do not want to visit the festival by yourself, you can sign up for one of the special tours organised by Gujarat Tourism for the festival. The tours are generally conducted over the weekend with different packages, depending on the budget. There are also daily one-day tours to the festival.

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