Budget Passengers, This Flight Is Giving You A 3-Course Meal, Sparkling Wine In Economy Class!

Budget Passengers, This Flight Is Giving You A 3-Course Meal, Sparkling Wine In Economy Class!

The one bone of contention for all travellers – irrespective of what kind they are – luxury, mid-range, budget or backpackers – is airline food. No matter what you pay, you’re never really satisfied with the kind of food you get. The situation is the worst in budget airlines where 99 percent of the airlines completely skip giving food. Even during international flights, the one downside of saving all those greens is having to ultimately spend them to appease those hunger pangs. Even for full service airlines, the situation is not really better when it comes to economy passengers. While Business passengers do get great perks and course-long meals, the economy backpackers have to make do with leaking tin-foil packaging and mix and mash of cuisines that are unrecognisable.

However, if this report by the Chicago Business Journal is anything to go by, even economy passengers in Delta Airlines will soon be able to enjoy the perks of Business Class flying. Delta is testing out a model where the passengers will be treated to a 3-course meal in economy class! Unbelievable, right? And we aren’t joking. The airline is all set to test out the new module soon and a whole lot of passengers are going to be well and truly pampered. Not just a 3-course meal, Delta is also offering some bubbly and other perks to economy class passengers, perhaps making those cramped spaces slightly more easy to bear!

The new service will initially be rolled out to passengers in the Economy Class flying between Portland, Oregon and Tokyo, Japan. The fliers will be welcomed with an option between 2 types of drinks – 3 glasses of Bellinis or Sparkling water. This will be followed up by a 3-course meal consisting of an appetiser, a main course, and a dessert. There are a lot of healthy as well as vegetarian options available too. As per the report, the flight attendants will be providing fliers with a printed menu, off which they can make a choice. The food items include items like quinoa salad, roasted grapes and pine nuts for welcome, pasta with cauliflower and walnuts in a cream sauce for mains, and dessert might consist of Haagen-Dazs ice cream.

Post testing, if successful and basis positive feedback, the same module will be followed for all international Delta flights.

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