Resolutions Every Travel-Lover Needs To Take This Independence Day

Resolutions Every Travel-Lover Needs To Take This Independence Day

Travel sets you free and makes your heart soar. However, while you love to explore newer regions and places, just how much do the locals or the residents love you back? Or do you leave a trail of litter and disaster each time you travel? Is your mind full of stereotypes when it comes to travel? Do you judge the region or the people based on those set notions? Travel is not just Instagram pictures or a souvenir. There’s a lot, lot, lot more to travel. It is important that when people travel, no matter where, they do complete justice to the experience and let it enrich them. Every Independence Day, we hear and read a lot about places of historic importance. But more importance is you respecting and understanding those places. This Independence Day, let’s pledge to make travel more worthwhile, more fulfilling. Here’s some tips to remember each time the travel bug bites.

Explore Our Country

The one thing with Indians is they love “foren”. It’s high time we Indians stop looking for destinations abroad and instead explore the amazing variety we have. No matter what you wish for, India has every variety. From the staycation options to something for adventure junkies, it’s all easily available! This Independence Day, take a pledge to explore more of our country and do complete justice to the beauty we have!

Be A Responsible Traveller

When you travel, understand the place and the history, the rules the locals follow. Don’t act like a privileged, spoilt brat. Sure, at home you’re used to a long, leisurely bath. But if the place you’re visiting faces a water crisis, then don’t crib if you’ve to take just a measly shower. Understand responsible tourism. Use eco-friendly products. Don’t litter. Even a little goes a very long way when it comes to being responsible.

Respect Local Culture

This is one thing even the most nuanced of explorers sometimes forget to follow. You might or might not agree with the local beliefs, the customs, and traditions. But you need to remember that the locals there have their own beliefs and it might be wise to respect their ideas, even if you do not agree with them. Directly contradicting them can earn you a bad name and you might lose out on some great experiences.

Create Memories, Not Posts

Instagram is changing the way we travel and this has negatively impacted travel and tourism. People travel only for photos and not for memories. It is important that the entire essence of travel is brought back to the explorers. This year, pledge to stop travelling for mere social media posts and instead travel more for the joy of travelling… It is not about filling your Instagram feed…

Look For Authentic Experiences

When you are in a new place, experience the local way of life. Try the new cuisines, dress up like a local for atleast a day, learn a few phrases of the local language, travel by public transport… It’ll give you an entirely new perspective on travel and make it a lot more interesting and exciting.

Follow Your Heart, Not Trends

Need I really elaborate this point? Just go where your heart leads you…

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