Neelakurinji Dreams Washed Away? Here’s Some Amazing Flower Valleys In India For Some Floral Love

Neelakurinji Dreams Washed Away? Here’s Some Amazing Flower Valleys In India For Some Floral Love

Before being in news for floods, Kerala was in news for the blooming of the Neelakurinji flowers, which blossom once every 12 years. The blooms which last covered a major hill of the Eravikulam National Park in 2006 made a comeback this year. And while thousands of tourists booked their safari tickets to witness the flowers turn an entire valley blue, the rains played spoilt sport. Neelakurinji flowers require adequate sunshine to bloom and the flood-like situation might have done lasting damage to the blossoms. However, if your heart continues to be set on Flower Valleys and you want to explore one, India has a lot more options. There are well-known flower valleys in all parts of the country enthralling visitors for decades. The monsoons being the perfect season for these blooms, the next two months are when you’ll get a chance to experience these blooms at their best. And with the slew of long weekends coming up, your plans can be set! Here’s some flower valleys all you anthophiles need to check out!

Valley of Flowers, Uttarakhand

This is hands down India’s most famous Valley of Flowers. Thousands of tourists undertake the trek to witness this miracle in Uttarakhand each year. The site has been declared as a UNESCO World Heritage site. The valley is host to multiple rare flower breeds and varieties. Located right in the Himalayas, the mesmerising mountains and valleys add to the beauty of the place. The valley blooms between June and September and witnesses Indians as well as international tourists visit for a glimpse of the floral beauties.

Kaas Valley, Maharashtra

Kaas Valley in Maharashtra is a smaller but no less prettier replica of Uttarakhand’s valley of flowers. One again, the valley comes to life in the monsoon season, with August and September being the peak seasons to catch a peek at the colourful blossoms. Apart from special indigenous species, there are a wide variety of flowers that bloom here. While the park is spread over a wide area, only parts of it are open to the public for viewing. The region has its own beauty with entire slopes covered in flowers – it looks stunning!

Image Credit: Parabsachin/Wikimedia Commons

Yumthang Valley, Sikkim

Sikkim is home to some of the most beautiful landscapes and sights in the country. The Yumthang Valley of flowers in Sikkim is best visited in late winters and early summers, before monsoons – between February and June. However, while the blooms can be witnessed in these seasons, the rest of the year the valley is no less beautiful. When not carpeted in floral colours, the valley, with its lush greenery, can wow even the most jaded of eyes. With the picturesque goats grazing and the little cottages dotting the hillside, this makes for one location which is a picture postcard all around!



Dzukou (pronounced as Zuuko) Valley, Nagaland

Unfortunately much lesser explored than the rest of India, North East is home to one of the most stunning flower valleys in the country – the Dzukou Valley in Nagaland. The valley is fondly referred to as the Switzerland of North East by the locals. The flower valley is shared between Nagaland and Manipur and is the only place one can witness the rare Dzükou lily. Unlike other flower valleys that come to bloom only in specific seasons, this valley is covered in different types of flowers the year around. Also, lack of commercialisation means you get to explore the beauty of the region all to yourself.

Image Credit: Dhrubazaanphotography/Wikimedia Commons

Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden, Kashmir

Though not exactly a valley, the Tulip Garden is located at the bottom of a hill and overlooks Dal lake. The location coupled with the multiple colours makes it a beautiful destination. The Tulip Garden is a relatively newer destination and has been opened only in 2007. The Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden, as it is called, is host to not just tulips but also other flowers. The garden comes to bloom during the summers and each year there is also a Tulip Festival that is organised each year in Kashmir.



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