No Indians, You Will Not Be Able To Make In-flight Calls From October 03

No Indians, You Will Not Be Able To Make In-flight Calls From October 03

India is one of the few countries in the world that still restricts in-flight connectivity. However, earlier this year the news of Indian airliners soon allowing passengers to make calls while high up in the air began doing rounds. If everything goes according to plan then DoT will be releasing the license as early as October, allowing the process of calling to begin asap. As reported by many sites, the in-call services too, would begin simultaneously. However, that is most definitely not the case. Even if the airlines do get the licence, it is a completely different ballgame when it comes to actually implementing it and passengers making calls. Once the license is received, the airlines will need to bid for the services.

Each airline can bid for or demand a different service. This means you can get Wi-Fi on one flight and calls on another.  But not all airlines will get all services. Once the regulations are in place, the war between the airlines will begin with regards to services. It’s still unclear as to which airline will jump in on the bandwagon. However, one thing is clear. That eventually, the noise pollution is all set to increase in flights and you will need to invest in high-quality noise-cancellation earphones. But like it or not, you cannot discount the fact that longer flights will definitely get a lot more interesting and fun.

The one thing that might still make Indians wary are the prices. With the new technology, it is clear that the ailing airlines will try and make the most of the facility. Most airliners have already started to charge for seats, in-flight food and other amenities, this will give them an added incentive. Indian flying space is all set to change soon and hopefully, though most passengers are a little skeptical of the annoyance the new facility will create, there still seems to be some sort of excitement around the same!

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