Rangers Hotel, Munnar Review: 3-Star Quality But In Budget

Rangers Hotel, Munnar Review: 3-Star Quality But In Budget

Rangers Hotel in Adimali, about 25kms before Munnar is one of the newest properties in the region. To give you the exact location, Rangers┬áHotel is situated in Minipady, Kochi-Munnar Highway, Idukki. A part of the Eastern Group, the hotel is situated bang opposite the lush green hills with cascading waterfalls and romantic mists. The location is serene with the main town a stone’s throw away at just 1km. The hotel is a little further away from Munnar but that means you get the best of both worlds – the lovely sights with the peace which Munnar has now lost out on because of the surge in tourists. Also, as Adimali is situated close to Idukki, some of the main tourist sites are very easily accessible. But less about the town and more about the hotel. Here’s what the stay at the hotel looks like:

Introduction and Price

Rangers┬áHotel is a 3-star hotel and comes with 3 categories of rooms – the Deluxe Room, the King Room, Presidential Room.
Premier – This is the standard room which comes with a twin bed or a double bed.

Royal – This is the slightly more expensive room which is more of a suite than the Presidential Room. The room comes with a living space, a bedroom, and a small balcony.
The Presidential Suit – This is the most luxurious and the largest of the rooms. This room can couple up as a family room too owing to its size. It can easily accommodate a family of 4.

The cost of the rooms ranges from Rs 2,000 per night to Rs 3,800 per night during off season and between Rs 3,000 per night and Rs 5,000 per night during the peak season.

Apart from that, the hotel has an in-house restaurant where buffet breakfast is served and the lunch/dinner is a la carte. You can also order in-room service.

The reception area is wide and has a lot of couches for guests to wait or to simply while time away.

The Amenities

All the hotel rooms come with the standard amenities. Each of the rooms are air-conditioned – a rarity in Munnar where getting even a fan in your room feels like a luxury! The rooms come with a tea maker and the tea/coffee packs. While the hotel does advertise a mini-bar, they are yet to be installed and the space was empty when I visited.

Apart from that, each room has a writing table with a chair and a reading lamp, which is a touch I really liked.

The bathrooms come with a shower and for the Deluxe room, the bathroom is a tad small but not too tight and one can easily fit in. The hotel does offer toiletries and they are decent quality.

The rooms come with an intercom facility, a full-length mirror, wooden side-table, cupboards with hangars. The windows in the rooms are locked and you can ask the hotel staff to open it for you.

Room Views

Surprisingly, the budget Deluxe rooms have the best views as they look out directly over the the hills with the waterfalls. The other two rooms look out either over the Eastern Spices factory that is right behind the hotel or out in the front – where for some bizarre reason, the windows have been blocked by the hotel decor! That was the one thing which put me off and I’m sure, will put the guests off too. While the interiors are all stunning, this one teeny mistake takes away from the entire charm of the hotel and ruins the experience. But for those with the budget room – you’re in for a treat! You can simply open up the curtains and spend hours gazing at the mists and the clouds outside – which is precisely what I did thanks to the torrential rains and the flooding.


The Room Comforts

As mentioned above, the rooms are pretty big and spacious. However, if you’re a family then adding an extra bed in the Deluxe room will make it cramped as though it is comfortable for 2 guests, anything more and it’ll definitely be a crowd.

The bed in the rooms are very comfortable and will give you a good night’s rest. The comforter is warm enough and the pillows good and fluffy.

The geyser in the bathroom was not functional when I was there and they provided hot water to every room in buckets – the old way. While the water was boiling hot but then took ages – about 45 minutes per bucket and if you’re in a hurry, then it can be inconvenient.

There is enough space in the cupboards and you can hang your clothes comfortably.

The electricity in the area keeps going off but they do have a generator and the workings of all amenities are comfortable.


The hotel staff is very warm and approachable. They cater to all needs and while at times, the staff is a little slow when it comes to the service as the hotel is relatively new but they do ensure that all needs are met. They make sure to accommodate even the odd requests. However, the slow service could also be because of being under-staffed and over-booked owing to the flood-like situation. Even with just 3-4 members, they ensured there was no inconvenience to anyone and they stayed up day and night to cater to everyone’s needs.

The hotel manager Prajeesh is extremely approachable and will definitely give him 5-stars. As we were all stuck in the hotel during the floods, he ensured that all guests were comfortable. At no point of time did he say no and despite not having taken a break for days, continued to aid us. Hats off to him for amazing hospitality and warmth.


While the hotel menu is limited, they do have good and decent options. The food is tasty. However, the one thing I did not like was the lack of local varieties. They do have good North Indian, Chinese and even some snack options, there are hardly 2 or 3 local options. A wider variety might add more interest.

Coming to the taste, the food is tasty though it can be on the spicier side. The buffet breakfast has a good spread of atleast one south Indian delicacy along with other options. If you want something less spicy, ensure you ask the server to keep the heat low.


The hotel lobby and the restaurant are decorated using a lot of greens and potted plants. There are also potted plants on each table lending a very cheerful vibe.

Coming to the in-room decor, the rooms have a clean, modern look – keeping it comfortable and at the same time easy. The exterior of the hotel looks good too and the hotel has an overall inviting appeal to it.


Overall, I would rate this hotel 5/5 stars for the service and the hospitality.



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