Hawaii Gets An All New Black Sand Beach!

Hawaii Gets An All New Black Sand Beach!

Shahrukh Khan romancing Kajol in the pristine location of Vik Beach, Iceland might have helped boost tourism in Iceland but try visiting now and you won’t be able to stretch your arms a la King Khan without smacking a few more tourists accidentally. The crowds at one of the most popular destinations are on the rise and if you want the magic of black sands coupled with clear blue waters, it might be time to head to a newer destination. Hawaii. Hawaii is home to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches – black sand included. However, the Isaac Kepoʻokalani Hale Beach Park is the newest kid on the block with Black Sand.

Hawaii has unfortunately been plagued with natural calamities – storms, active volcano eruptions, and much more. However, the resilient residents of the beautiful islands always bounce back and ensure that life continues just as usual. Despite the natural calamities, Hawaii remains one of the most loved tourist destinations. And the addition of the new Black Sand beach will only help increase the numbers. The locals are looking at this new wonder as a blessing in disguise. Why?

That’s because, the region around Isaac Kepoʻokalani Hale Beach Park was completely destroyed when the volkcano burst devastating livelihoods, taking many lives. The once bustling area came to standstill. However, after nearly a year, with the creation of the new Black Sand beach, the locals are hopeful of reviving their lives through renewed tourism that this beach promises to bring. The beach is open to public but not all amenities are present as the restoration work is still in progress. So if you’re in Hawaii or will be there soon, ensure you visit the beach but do take certain precautions listed below:

– Do not swim in the waters as there are strong currents and it is not safe to swim

– Carry a bottle of water and some food along with your towels as the water-pipes were destroyed by the volcano and are yet to be restored

– The park (and the beach) closes at 6PM and there is no option to stay overnight or camp on the beach. So make plans for the evening accordingly

– Stay away from the natural pools as they have not been disinfected post the eruption and though they might look clear and safe, they might leave you with unwanted infections

Apart from these, you’re free to explore Kilauea and enjoy!

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